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Last Updated: 2020-07-09

What is a Change Log? A changelog is a file that contains a curated, chronologically ordered list of notable changes (such as bug fixes, new features, etc.) for each version of a project.

What is Public Beta Testing? Public Beta Testing is publicly released to “real users” in a “real environment” so that data can be gathered from end-users. Based on the data and feedback, product improvements can be done.

Format of the Change Log.

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GCTrackables Milestone

  • Users Joined: 400+
  • Trackables Synchronized: 100,000+
  • Geocache Indexed: ~35,000
  •  Images on Trackables: 70,000+
And we are growing rapidly! Thank you to this wonderful community.



  • CHANGE: URL for Manage Wishlist and Manage Collection.
  • CHANGE: Member page option from “Manage Your Wishlist” to “Manage Wishlist” & “Manage Your Collection” to “Manage Collection”
  • ADDED: New feature, /my-trackables/, This will show you where all your released, activated, trackables are. Map is live, table coming soon. This feature was requested by the viewers of Geocache Talk on July 5th 2020. Great idea!
  • NOTE: Migrated all databases from old environment to new environment, we needed more power!



  • CHANGE: URL for Manage My Trackables has changed from /my-trackables/ to /manage-trackables/ as there is a new feature to be released soon and will be active on /my-trackables/





  • CHANGED: User data updated every 120 minutes.
  • CHANGED: User Directory Table default sort A to Z based on user name.
  • FIXED: User Directory Table Column Headers in Mobile View.
  • CHANGED: Trackable Types table default sort based on Type ID Oldest to Newest.
  • ADDED: Type Page > Trackables > Trackable Table. Has loading animation.
  • FIXED: My Account Page. Error on page with displayed message. Error has been resolved.
  • FIXED: Manage Trackables Page.  Error in relation to Type 21 with displayed message. Error has been resolved.
  • CHANGED: Response when manually adding a trackable has been adjusted to better reflect system design. (FROM “has been added to your collection” TO “has been added to the database.”



  • System went live for Public Beta.



  • System migration from staging to public beta environment.


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